Finally! Canopys will be available for our Schluter-Oldies

These parts are manufactured profesionally using the original moulds from Dieter Schluter.


Left the picture of the fan extension SX81/Cheyenne

Type Photo Original-
costs in

in stock
for Schluter Champion   S3806 46.00 yes
for Schluter Magic   S3821 48.00 yes
for Schluter Mini-Boy   S1208 34.00 yes
for Schluter Scout   S3814 46.00 yes
for Schluter Superior   S1234 49.00 yes
for Schluter Whopper   S3057 49.00 yes
for Schluter Junior 50  here S3815 40.00 yes
for Schluter Heli-Boy or Bell222   S711 42.00 yes
for Schluter Heli-Star here S1299 46,00 yes
Windows and other spare parts
for Schluter GAZELLE and Windows   S851/852 28.00 yes
Bell Huey Cobra no color     28.00 yes
Bell Huey Cobra green     28.00 yes
Bell Huey Cobra smoke     30.00 yes
Bell Huey Cobra light blue     30.00 yes
WIK Helix     22.00 yes
WIK BO 105     25.00 yes
Windows for Schluter Long Ranger III   S1758 37.00 yes
side wing for Bell222   S799 18.00 ask me
Windows for Schluter Twin-Star     S1254 37.00 yes
Windows for Schluter Magic Ranger *new* here S1783 37.00 yes
Windows for Schluter Bell 222 UT *new* here S1773 21.00 yes
Windows for Schluter BK 117 *new* here S1763 30.00 yes
Window Lockheed 286 "R&B" no color here   34.00 no
Window Lockheed 286 "R&B" smoke here   34.00 yes
Window Lockheed 286 "R&B" light blue here   34.00 yes
wheel fairing for the Whopper *new!* here S3043(+S3036) 17,00 yes
Fan extension:
for Junior     S3151 9.00 yes
for Magic   S3180 17.00 yes
for Champion, Superior,
Scout, Heli-Star
  S0298 17.00 yes
Fan housing:
for SX81/Cheyenne   S177 27.00 yes
for Heli-Baby   S133 18.00 yes
for Bell 222, Heli-Boy System 80 here S157 18.00 yes
for Mini-Boy here S119 18.00 yes
for Graupner Helimax 40 and 60   4607/7 18.00 ask me

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