The new helioldie exchange market – my christmas present for you for 2003 

I have spared no expenses and efforts and bought a new update for the helioldie exchange market. This new script is my christmas present for 2003 for all fans of old model helicopters.
The PHP script from the ADBC-Pro company is running on a SQL database. It has become even more comfortable to use.
All sequences are now processed in a fully automatic way. Before placing an advertisement one first has to fill out a registration form. Advertisements may then be placed immediately after registration.

That is new in user administration. (Of course, your accounts, login data and all your advertisements have been transferred to the updated system.)

  • clearer menu guidance - simpler navigation

  • now 5 pictures per advertisement can be uploaded with max. 100kB

  • you can subscribe to newsletters in the user administration. So I can inform you, if there is somewhat really new (no concern, I will make economical use of it) - please activate this feature

  • every user can query a statistics, how often its offer was called and more

  • every user can add advertisements to his favorites and and so refer to them very quickly when necessary

  • every user may request a link code in order to insert his advertisements on the users own homepage. Link
    codes can also be sent by email.

  • the absolute hit - everyone can activate a search agent with a search pattern. If an advertisement containing the search pattern should be placed, the user is informed automatically via email. This enables you to respond very quickly, if the looked for spare part was found.


FAQ to the Helioldie-Exchange

After having filled out the registration form I  receive an error notice: Timeout or the session has been cancelled for security reason – what to do?

The driving element for the advertisement-script requires that session-cookies are accepted. Especially, after installation of Internet Explorer Version 6 those cookies are not accepted atomatically. To proceed, activate your IE and click Extras – Internetoptions – Security – advanced – and enable cookies Screenshot

Must the registration form be filled out completely?

YES. But except for the address of the person placing the ad, all other information is secured and not available for other internet users.

I do not want to have published my name and/or address in the ad. Is this an option?

YES. The ad may be run displaying a ‚chiffre-code’ only, so that – except for the user-name – no peronal data are published. Then, the contact to the seller will be transmitted through the registration form.

Can I add a picture or photo with my ad?

YES. 5 Pictures with the formats jpg and png may be inserted. Please, regard to limit the maximum size of any picture to 100 kB and 640X480 Pixel. Do not use any ‚Umlauts’ like „ä,ö,  ü“, rather spell „ae, oe, ue“ instead (example: „Uebungstrainer“ instead of „Übungstrainer“).

May I change my ad after it as been placed?

YES. The user profile may be changed at any time.

The item I offered in the ad has been sold. Can I delete the ad?

YES. An ad may be with drawn or deleted after logging in to the user administration.

I received an e-mail-information that the time for the ad has expired. Is it possible to extend the the time to run the ad?

YES. This may be done through the user administration.