update history

23.Avril 2022 Canopy for Cobra (all color) and for Champion in Stock again.canopy
11.February 2022 New Window Set for BK117, Magic Ranger & Bell222UT.canopy
26.December 2021 Menu bar buttons revised.
25.Oktober 2021 Wheel fairing for Whopper available now.canopy
24.Novembre 2019 Canopy Magic in Stock, Canopy WiK Helix availablecanopy
24.May 2018 Because of the european DSGVO the exchange market is closed. New is a private offer instead.Börse
03.February 2018 Canopy Superior and Miniboy in Stockcanopy
31.October 2016 Canopy Superior out of Stock - Is manufactured on requestcanopy
08.May 2014 Canopy Scout in Stock againcanopy
01.March 2014 Canopy Lockheed 286 "R&B" availabel in no color, smoke & light bluecanopy
This Window fit to the Lockheed 286 which is build by Hans Böhm. But it fit to many other Lockheed too.(for Example it fit also to the Graupner Lockheed)
03.February 2012
Canopy Cobra availabel in smoke & light bluecanopy News
30.December 2011
removed some spelling errors -  update history
31.Januar 2010 canopy for Schluter Heli-Star -  canopy
19.Mai 2008
all KAVAN spare parts by American RC Helicopters, INC.
22.February 2008
all plastic parts in Stock - NEW! fan housing for Graupner Helimax 40 and 60
13.Mai 2006 New! fan housing for SX81/Cheyenne. Side wing for Bell222 and Windows for Twin-Star. - canopy
25.April 2006
alu-plate for Schluter SX81/ Cheyenne and Heli-Baby. Spareparts for Schluter Bell Huey Cobra - Repro
17.April 2006 NEW! fun housing for Schluter Heli-Baby
- canopy
19.März 2006
happy birthday Dieter Schluter 75. jears
13.März 2006
new in the archives, menual insturctions Schluter Superior, Heli-Baby, Champion and Heli-Star. Many thanks Bob Buffington
29.November 2004
the following canopys are deliverable now - Original Junior 50 (Schluter) and fun extension for Junior 50
8.August 2004
the following canopys are deliverable now - Original Bell Huey Cobra (Schluter) and Bell 222 or HELI BOY
26.März 2004
new spare parts original packed in the exchange market for Graupner HELIMAX - please use the search function
10.February 2004
a new side of our Swedish collector Dan Johannson. He was lucky again and got some rare Helioldie again -  "Sammler"
31.Januar 2004
the following canopys are deliverable now - Superior, Magic, Scout, Champion, Mini-Boy, Whopper  - canopys

18.Januar 2004 new spare parts original packed in the exchange market for Graupner SkyLark, Graupner Bell 47 G and Graupner Bell 212 TwinJet - please use the search function
14.Januar 2004
Idea of the new helioldie Exchange Market - FAQ